Go ahead and get in touch with our experts to discuss the following training programs and how we can direct you to the very best in your immediate neighbourhood:

Openwater Scuba Diver Class

  • Minimum age: 12 years old
  • You can train under this course even if you’re in your 80s!
  • Offered in two formats: NAUI or PADI
  • Classes include classroom instruction, pool instruction and open water dives to produce comfortable, knowledgeable and independent divers.
  • Training fee covers class/pool instruction, all instructional materials, all openwater dives and instructor fees and of course your Certification Card, which is recognized worldwide.

Advanced Suba Diving Class

  • This training session is available only to people with at least 2 years of experience in scuba diving.
  • Includes one classroom session, a pool session, and six different dives: a night dive, navigation dive, deep dive, search and recovery, light salvage, etc.
  • This class provides more diving under the watchful eye of your instructor to help build confidence and to be exposed to new types of diving. This is the fastest way to build diving skills and to learn about the different specialty courses you might be interested in.

Refresher Scuba Diving Course

  • Available only to certified scuba divers who have not dived since the past year
  • Includes classroom sessions, pool sessions and two ocean dives
  • Extra sessions are available for $80.00 each

Rescue Diving Course

  • Available only to certified scuba divers
  • Minimum course duration is 6 hours of each, classroom, pool and open water activities
  • This course is designed to teach you the following rescue dive lessons:
    • How to effectively save another diver and yourself in an emergency
    • How to recognize problems
    • How to prevent dive accidents
    • How to manage a dive accident
    • How to develop a rescue plan
    • How to perform an actual rescue
    • First aid and CPR