What to Expect the First Time You Go Scuba Diving

What to Expect the First Time You Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a great pastime and adventure seekers have been strapping on fins and a snorkel to see the wonders of the ocean for years.  Some people are put off by the idea of going diving because of the equipment and training that is needed.  Keep in mind that the training that you have to go through will give you the most amazing underwater experience.  In the few minutes it takes you to learn how to use the air tank will give you a lifetime of being able to dive and see the spectacular environment under the water.  Let us show you what to expect the first time you go scuba diving so you can enjoy the day.

Preparing to Dive

This is where all your fears will be addressed by the diving instructor.  Here is where they will go over things like where you are going to dive, what you can expect to see and how to get in and out of the water.  The will discuss what to do during an emergency and in bad weather.  The will also discuss how to breathe while you are in the water.  They will give you all the information you need to have a safe and successful dive.

Learning Your Equipment

The instructor will go over the equipment and how to use all of it.  The basics will cover protective gear, safety equipment, breathing apparatus and things like your compass and underwater flashlights.  When you dive with a buddy, they will show you how to keep tabs on your buddy’s gear too.  The instructor will go over how to put on your suit and what exactly you need for that particular dive.  Here is a rundown of basic scuba equipment.

Start Small

Most diving schools will have you put on all the gear and try diving in a swimming pool first.  This gives you the chance to test your skill in a safe environment.  You can get a feel for your gear without having to worry too much about safety.  It also gives you the chance to use the breathing equipment under water and get used to it before you do a real dive.

Safety is always a priority when you learn to scuba dive, these are lessons that you should take with you going forth.  Even the most experienced diver needs to pay close attention to the environment and make sure that their gear is perfect working order before they dive.  Once you are assured everything is safe then take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the seas.