Become a Diving Instructor and Start Living on the Beach

Become a Diving Instructor and Start Living on the Beach

Imagine living on a tropical island, spending your days on the beach watch people running around in bathing suits and soaking up the sun and getting paid to do it.  Sounds like a dream job doesn’t it?  Well for many diving instructors that is their reality.  Granted those are the perks and the industry is not always sunshine and roses but that you will find in any profession.  Does that mean you should give up your dream of becoming a diving instructor?  No you shouldn’t.  So here is how you become a diving instructor and start living on the beach.

 Finding a Diving School

There are lots of schools all over the place where you can get PADI certified.  Through them you can become a dive master but you shouldn’t stop there you can continue on to become a scuba diving instructor.  There are more jobs available as a scuba instructor, you can work at a dive center, resorts or take tourists out on day trips and dive from a boat.   You will also be able to teach courses to beginners just getting into diving.  There is a lot of options available to you once you become a scuba instructor.

Building Your Own School

If you want to do more than just teach diving or taking tourists out on day trips then once you are PADI certified and ready to teach you can also create your own diving school.  Most diving operations don’t rely on one stream of income, in fact most of their revenue comes from dive courses instead of diving tours.  Through the courses it also allows you to sell other products like diving equipment.  Students will need diving gear themselves, they are going to need things like wetsuits, regulators, snorkels and fins, breathing equipment, knives and surface signal devices.  A complete package of diving equipment can run into thousands of dollars, that can turn into a great revenue stream for you.

While living and working on the beach may sound like a great way of life you’re still going to have to work for a living.  You will still need to find clients for diving tours.  If you opt to open your own dive school, and that is where you will make a solid income then you will need a storefront, a boat and your own diving equipment.  While there will be work involved, let’s face there are definitely worse jobs you could have.