There are more and more singles and families forgoing the traditional vacations to Disney World and heading off looking for adventure instead.  They want to see new sights, learn new sports while still spending time together as a family.  There are plenty of travel agencies that book family adventure holiday packages giving you plenty of choices as the where you want to go and what you want to do.  Scuba dive vacation packages are among the most popular.  Scuba diving is something that the whole family can enjoy, but before you book the trip there are a few things you need to prepare for.

Diving with the family

If you think that once you have children that your scuba diving days are over, you couldn’t be more wrong.  It absolutely doesn’t have to be this way and you can find lots of family oriented scuba dive vacation packages that are suitable for families with children of all ages.  Not all are created equal and you’re still going to have to research which one is right for you.

First thing to consider is the budget and how much you want to spend on your vacation.  Book with a reputable company so that you make sure you get a decent hotel with all the amenities nearby.  There are accommodations for all family sizes and budgets you just need to find one that works for you.

Can your kids go diving?

Diving is fun and as long as everything is properly supervised it is perfectly safe.  However it’s not recommended for all children, you can have kids as young as 8 years old involved and some resorts have special instructors that work with younger kids.  The instructors are really good at helping your children get the confidence they need while they are in the water.  These instructors work with 8-10 year olds and there are other courses for older kids and teens.  Your whole family can dive together.

Where to go

There are scuba diving resorts all over the world that are family friendly but here are a couple of favorites:

  • Iberotel Coraya: This resort is located in Egypt and it has a beach, swimming pool that includes a children’s pool for kids to play.  There are plenty of amenities and tours to go scuba diving.
  • Kasai Village: Located in the Philippines right on the seashore and the staff here are exceptionally friendly and they have wonderful facilities that are available for diving and your kids.
  • Bandos Islands: Located in the Maldives is a spectacular resort for the whole family.  Children have tons of activities including boat trips and of course there is diving available.
  • Scuba diving in Cartagena Colombia: If you love the untouched beauties of Colombia, Cartagena would be an amazing experience for you.

No matter where you and your family decide to take your vacation always make sure that your instructors are fully qualified and PADI certified.  Safety should always come first.

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