Potential Marine Dangers that Every Scuba Diver Must Know

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, safety should be your priority when exploring the deep part of the ocean. Dangers lurk under the waters, so it’s best to be aware and be careful. Aside from enjoying your diving adventures, your ultimate goal as a scuba diver should be to come home in one piece after every trip.

Here are the possible dangers that every scuba diver must be wary of:

Sea urchins

Contact with the spines of a sea urchin can cause a puncture injury, which leads to redness, pain, and swelling around the affected area. Only a few sea urchins are poisonous to humans, though.

If you’re stung by an urchin, the spines have to be removed immediately with tweezers. Small poisonous organs may still remain in your wound, which can be removed by shaving the area with a razor blade. Cover the wound with warm water for about an hour and then rinse the wound with clean water.


Before you even dive, ask your guide if the area has plenty of jellyfish at the time. And if you get stung, never ask a companion to pee on the sting; urine might worsen your injury. Using a tweezer, get rid of any stuck tentacles on your skin. To reduce the swelling and pain, take painkillers.

Portuguese man-of-war

This creature is something you’d never want to encounter in your diving adventures because its sting is venomous. So make sure that your diving site is not infested with the jellyfish-like organism before you leave for your holiday.

If you get a sting, don’t wash it with vinegar or alcohol because it will only make the injury worse. Instead, wash the sting with salt water. To relieve the pain, soak the area in warm water. Expect the pain to subside in about 20 minutes.