Basic skills that you could learn in your PADI scuba diver course:

  1. Regulate a recovery using the arm sweep method:

This is an important skill to learn in case by chance your regulator could get knocked out of your mouth. It’s an easy way for you to recover it and continue your dive.

  1. Mask removal and replacement:

This is a valuable skill in case you should ever lose your mask underwater and need to regain it – put it on, purge it of water and continue your dive without surfacing.

  1. Fin pivot:

This is a valuable technique to help you set neutral buoyancy at the beginning of your dive or reset neutral buoyancy during a dive to keep off the bottom and protect aquatic life.

  1. Buoyancy control:

We’re also going to look at hovering an exercise that will help you attain perfect buoyancy hovering in mid water without sculling or thinning. This will help you become a better diver on every dive that you do.

  1. Alternate air source breathing:

This is going to be your go-to technique in the unlikely event that you or your buddy has an out of air emergency. Scubadiving equipment is designed to be failsafe. What that means is that should an equipment failure occur it’s going to constantly deliver you a stream of air so for this extreme circumstance we’re going to cover a free flow regulator exercise which will teach you how to breathe from a regulator that is free-flowing underwater.