6 Planning Tips for an Awesome Dive Holiday

For some diving enthusiasts, planning a dive holiday can be more nerve-wracking than the actual dive. But no need to fret. To reduce your dive planning-related stress, here are several tips to remember when booking a dive holiday.

Learn diving or get a certification first

Not certified yet? You have two options: get a certification before your dive holiday or learn how to dive during your holiday. If you choose the latter, be sure that your dive operator provides training courses and have positive reviews.

If you haven’t dived in a while, you can take refresher courses and join a local diving club before your dive holiday. This way, you can dive safely and confidently on your holiday.

Consider the water temperature in your holiday location

Make sure to check out the average water temperature (which fluctuates during the year) so that you know how thick your wetsuit should be.

Bring the right equipment

You need to bring your own dive computer and DSMB, which can be rented at a cost. However, you will be better off buying equipment that you can reuse on your next trips rather than rent each time you go on a dive holiday.

Also, check if your diving gear is working properly and if your wetsuit has holes before you embark on your holiday so that any issues can be solved right away.

Double-check your dive package

What is included in the package you availed of? Does it cover your meals on the boat? Know what to expect so that you can prepare well for your dive holiday.

Check the necessary vaccinations

What vaccinations do you need before your trip? Because they take time to arrange, do your research and take the necessary vaccinations before you leave for your holiday.

Check the dive itinerary

Many dive areas provide a variety of diving opportunities to suit different diver preferences. But it pays to check your itinerary beforehand if it includes the kind of diving you’re interested in.